Upcoming Events

Bull Sales, Livestock Auctions, and Informative Events 

Double J Farms Simmental Cattle http://doublejsimmentals.com
January 30, 2016
Hoover Angus http://hooverangus.com
February 2, 2016
Dvorak Herefords http://www.dvorakherefords.com/
February 6, 2016
Werning Cattle Companyhttp://werningcattle.com
February 9, 2016
Nagel Cattlehttp://nagelcattle.com/
February 11, 2016
Mohnen Angus http://www.mohnenangus.com/
February 12, 2016

Amdahl Angus
February 13, 2016
Koupal Angus http://www.koupalangus.com/
February 16, 2016
Blacktop Farmshttp://www.blacktopfarms.com
February 19, 2016
Mogck & Sonshttp://www.mogckandsons.com/index.html
February 19, 2016
R&R Cattle Company http://rrcattleco.com/
February 19, 2016
Varilek Angushttp://www.varilekangus.com
February 20, 2016

Rock Creek Livestock http://www.rockcreeklivestock.com/
February 24, 2016
Kreth Cattle http://www.krethcattle.com/
February 27, 2016
Lehrman Family Simmentalshttp://www.lehrmanfamilysimmentals.com
February 29, 2016
TB Salers Weber Charolais & Angus
February 29, 2016
Windy Creek Cattle Companyhttp://windycreekcattlecompany.com/
March 1, 2016
Beeson Angus- Red Genetics Ranch Red Angus and Sim/Red Angus Heifer and Bull Sale
March 3, 2016

Mogck Angushttp://www.mogckangusfarms.com
March 10, 2016
Payer Angus
March 17, 2016
Lau Angus
March 24, 2016
Roth Angus http://rothangusranch.com/
March 27, 2016
Vermeulen Angushttp://www.thelivestocklink.com
April 5, 2016
Knoll Brothers Simmental Angus
Private Sale
Koupals B&B Angus
Private Sale
Mike Hubner Simmental Angus
Private Sale

Mitchell Livestock Auction
Upcoming Sales
Weighup Cows, Bulls & Fat Cattle - EVERY Wednesday at  8:00 a.m.
​Feeder Cattle Sales -  Thursday at 9:30 a.m.

Menno Livestock Auction
Regular Sales October - March Wednesdays at 12:00p.m.
Butcher Hogs, Feeder Pigs
Followed by calves, sheep and cattle​

Special Feeder Sales in Tuesdays in Season
November thru March. Watch for Schedule.

Yankton Livestock Auction
Upcoming Sales

TUESDAYS - Fat Cows & Heiferettes 10:30, Fat Cattle 12:00pm- Conventional Cattle following Drug Free Cattle, Weigh-Up Cattle to follow.  

FRIDAYS - Weigh-Up Cattle 9:00am, Feeder Cattle 10:30am, Bred Stock/Pairs 11:00am

JANUARY 22ND, 2016
10:00AM - 3:00PM
Lunch will be served. 
Come join us for door prizes, great food and to meet our staff who are willing to show you around and teach you about Northwest Veterinary and Supply!

Animal Health Representatives will be on site and available to answer questions!

Thank you to our sponsors:
Zoetis, BI, MWI, Merial and Elanco